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VMWare Tools Upgrade Breaks Script With Invoke-VMScript and Pass-through Credentials

Recently I upgraded a VCenter test cluster to 6.7 Update 3 and hit an issue with running Invoke-VMScript command. I was working on and made some changes to a VM deployment script that is constantly in development and decided that the updated test cluster would be a great place to test those changes as there were no other VMs on it and I had just matched it as close to production as possible. I ran the script as normal and it completed the basic deployment of the VM fine. Unfortunately during post deployment configuration I got an error with my Invoke-VMScript command that stated "Could not locate "Powershell" script interpreter in any of the expected locations.". This error seemed off to me as I have ran it on the production cluster countless times before with no problem. At first I assumed maybe there was an issue with my template but I converted it to a VM and tested the command successfully. Next I decided to test out just the Invoke-VMScript command against