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Install Powershell and PowerCLI on Linux

I have been working on setting up a nested VSphere lab in VMWare Workstation the past few weeks and wanted to have a simple jump box with minimum resources that I could use to test out PowerCLI scripts I have been writing. As I am very familiar with working with Linux operating systems and now that Microsoft supports PowerShell Core on Linux distributions I wanted to see if I could get PowerShell and PowerCLI installed on two Linux test servers (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and CentOS 7) that I have setup already in the lab. Add the PowerShell Repository To install PowerShell Core I first had to add the official Microsoft repository. CentOS 7 Ubuntu 18.04 Install PowerShell Now that the repositories were configured the next step was to install PowerShell.  CentOS 7 Ubuntu 18.04 Install PowerCLI Now that PowerShell was successfully installed I could start it and install PowerCLI. Since I am using the default self-signed certificate on my lab VCenter se


From time to time I have to send HBA WWN and WWP reports to our Storage Team so they can make sure the right LUNs are mapped to the right hosts. That is can be a really easy task if you have a few servers as you can go into the configuration within the Web Interface for VCenter and get the information needed. If you are in a situation like I usually am though and you have multiple hosts usually in the hundreds to get that information could take quite a while but there are quick and easy PowerCLI commands that can help get that information fast and exported to CSV. This simple script can be used to get a report of WWNs for all hosts withing one VCenter site but can also be narrowed down by cluster or by single host.